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Organ Trail

Organ Trail

Organ Trail was an edutainment game developed in 1971. Schools across America used this game as a teaching tool to prepare children for the impending zombie apocolypse and dysentery.

Re-live your childhood with this faithfully emulated version of Organ Trail for the Apple-II.

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Final Release!

We are done! This doesn't mean we wont work on it anymore, we just can't promise anymore updates.
The final version adds:
-Climactic finale
-Refined minigames
-More art

Thanks so much to the community for all the feedback and support!

Previous Updates

This update really takes into consideration the feedback we've been getting from the fans.
-Auto-Saving! If you leave the game and come back, there is an extra option in the main menu to load your previous game. -New "infection" mechanic
-Kill your friends! -Convesation added
-Medkits are more intuitive. Use them from the size up screen to heal.
-More art!
-Scoring adjustments
-Many various bug fixes and tweaks

-Updating map!
-Faster gameplay!
-Scrolling browser bug fixed (for some)
-Other cosmetic bugs fixed

-Fixed an issue where the game didn't have focus and input didn't work.
-Fixed 45billion resources bug