Welcome friends of the Hats,

I’m glad to announce the launch of our weekly blog.
Our goal with this blog is to be more open to the community about our (terrible) development process.

We are still trying to figure out these darn-fangled computer things so bear with us as we move ahead. (Shit might not work.)
Hopefully, with comments working and all, we will post weekly progress updates on the games and you will be able to harass us. We’ve yet to decide the day but we will figure it out as we go along, which is pretty much how we do everything around here. I hope to make some RSS feeds (whatever that means) for people who want to see all posts vs. people who just want to see the updates. We will be posting about ourselves and our wacky hijinks at various game conventions and showings. On that note…

The Hats are going to E3 next week, so expect the next update to have something to do with that. Afterwards we may do a few introductory posts, followed by an official announcement of our currently-in-development game.

We look forward to… whatever this is for you.

(Let us know)