Often times (at least once) people ask me / us,

“(the) Hats, why are you trying so hard to make indie games? Also, why are you so handsome?”

The reply that I typically give when asked this is, “Get away from me, peasant.” But occasionally someone with enough indie cred will ask this question, and I’m forced to give a half intelligible response.

I think the three of us all have had slightly differing goals and motivations at various points in time, some of which may include:

to practice and learn skills we don’t exercise at work,

to make games that are either too large to be made alone or too risky to be made with a large group

to have an environment where we can discuss, refine, and brainstorm new game ideas

to get ladies all the ladies

to challenge ourselves with crazy difficult things on a limited time and resource budget

to prove ourselves as game makers

But I think above it all, what drives us (or at least me) most is that I think we have some really cool game ideas to share with everyone, and I really want to help make the experience that we’re (sort of) promising a reality. Plus, I think we really like games or something, so hey, let’s make some.

That being said, we’re working on some pretty weird and potentially fun stuff that fulfills most of the goals I’ve mentioned above, so be on the look out for more updates in the weeks (or more likely months) to follow.