In celebration of the 2 year anniversary of the original flash version being release on Halloween 2010;  We are having a 66% off sale of Organ Trail: Director’s Cut on iOS/Android until Nov. 1st.

As well, the latest patch adds some Halloween fun. Play between Oct. 17th and Nov 7th to play with Halloween themed content:

  • 12 new Halloween road events
  • Pumpkins everywhere!
  • Candy!
  • Frankenstein Boss Fight!

Some other good news is that one of my favorite YouTube personalities Jesse Cox did a Fan Friday video of the press build of Organ Trail: Director’s Cut for PC. Check it out, it’s hilarious.

It’s labeled part 1 of 2 which tells me he doesn’t make it very far… but at least we get to see more of it soon, I hope.

As you can see here… It did good for our Greenlight campaign. Guess which day he put the video up.

We had fell to rank 14 just before he put the video up, but we got knocked back into 13th place. I assume we wont drop 8 places in the next 3 weeks and that valve will greenlight another 20 games come mid November so we should (fingers crossed) be seeing Organ Trail: Director’s Cut on Steam soon. I also have plans to simultaneously release on Desura and GOG if we can manage that.

One final tidbit. This isn’t carved in stone and don’t tell Mike I said anything, but since we are planning to charge a little more for the PC/Mac version, I think we are going to make 2 DLCs for mobile and just include them for free in the PC/Mac release. So what that means for everyone is that there is more content on the way.

I also noticed a strange pickup in sales on iOS and found out we are in the “zombies” page of the app store… so that was a nice (profitable) surprise.

Oh also we are working on another game and our current goal is to have it out before PAX East which we are now going to. It has noting to do with zombies. It’s actually pretty far out of left field so… hope it works out.