So we took a little one month break from the blog so we could focus on the rest of the Kickstarter campaign. I’m sure we will do some sort of postmortem on that later. The long and short if it is that we raised $16,339, that’s 544% of our asking price of $3,000. So we decided we could afford all the things we ever wanted. Here is a breakdown of how we expect the money to go around.

Rewards – ~$6000
Unity Pro – $1500
PAX East booth – $1400
Legal stuff – ~$1000
iPad2 – $500
Unity iOS – $400
Unity Android – $400
Sprite Manager 2 & EZGUI – $350
Apple License – $100
Paying People – (don’t worry it’s low, we don’t have much left!)

Minus the cut from Kickstarter and Amazon (don’t even get me started on taxes.) This all leaves us with about $14 left over. So we might go get a burrito.

Hey but there are two hidden gems in there. First off, we are officially and legally The Men Who Wear Many Hats LLC. (yay)

And second of all we are going to have a booth at PAX East which is April 6-8. I have no idea why we have a booth, I just though it would be fun, so stop by if you are going. We might not be done with the game by then but I’m sure it will be playable. We are probably going to participate in some talks or something that the fine folks at Kickstarter have invited us to. Keep an eye out.

Which brings me to my final point. I keep getting asked, “When is the game coming out?”  The short answer is “Spring.” Originally we had hoped for March, but then we realized that you can’t run a Kickstarter campaign full time and hope get any work done. I was committed to responding to the donators and pushing the campaign with all the news people I could. That takes up a ton of time. So then I started thinking April would be cool because it would be nice to be able to have people at PAX just buy the game if they like it. Well we reviewed our obligations and I don’t think that’s possible.

We have a full soundtrack to work out and a dozen or so new assets to draw up. And although I feel like we could make the game playable in that time-frame, I don’t think it will get the love it needs. I want this game to be polished, so we’re going to take the good old Valve/Blizzard/Nintendo approach and not put it out until it’s great. I hope you can bear with us in our lust to make a great product.

As a testament to our commitment to this game we recently attended the Global Game Jam, and instead of participating, we decided to work on Organ Trail. This is the first Global Game Jam that I have not competed in, and it hurt a little bit. But we can’t afford to fall in love with another game right now. I want Organ Trail to kick ass.