Hey look! We have the latest build of the game running on all promised platforms! This latest version has brand new UI, some of the new music we’ve been getting from our friend Ben Crossbones and some of the stuff we plan to have going for our PAX East build.

Also, for those of you awaiting rewards: We have ordered everything and should be sending them out after PAX East.

Speaking of PAX East… We now have 2 booths there. We bought one in the Expo Hall and we were invited by the fine folks over at Kickstarter to share our game as well as our knowledge of the campaign in their “Kickstarter Arcade” space there . Joining us will be a host of other cool Kickstarter funded game developers that I am eager to meet. We will have swag an iPad build to play with. I got wrangled into giving a talk about “Building a community around your game.” which I find silly since we suck at it (but we’re trying!!!) So drop by if you want to see me pretend to know things.

The next update will be a meaty design discussion about the hard decisions we’ve been making as we moved the game to a touch interface. Hope you’re looking forward to it.