Big stuff happens tomorrow. We have two announcements to make so be sure to check back. One is the launch of our Steam Greenlight page. The long and short of that is that we need you guys to up-vote Organ Trail so we can sell it on steam. I will be running a social campaign from my phone in Seattle at the time so I will really need you guys to do the heavy lifting for me on this one. Prepare your twitters.

On that note: we are leaving for PAX Prime in a few hours. We are being graciously hosted by Kickstarter once again. Check out Kickstarer’s announcement  here:

Any video that puts my face so close to Tim Schafer always makes me feel warm and fuzzy (and other strange emotions I don’t understand) inside.

If you are going to be there, stop by and grab some Organ Trail swag. It may be the last batch we have.

See you guys back here tomorrow! I’m super excited for things.