Just to give you spark notes on what has been happening over here…

  • Aug 9th – We released the iOS and Android version of Organ Trail: Director’s Cut.
  • Aug 30thSteam Greenlight launches. We are the first game submit to the system. Strong start, but we steadily slip from the top 10.
  • Sept 27th – We launch a campaign to try and push ourselves into the top 10 from #30.
  • Oct 11thRelease Update 1.0.3
  • Oct 18th – After zero movement on Greenlight, we announce the campaign has failed.
  • Oct 20th – Hilarious videos by Jesse Cox go up. Drives thousands of views to our page… we move up one rank for about a week and then drop again despite over tripling votes for our game.  🙁
  • Oct 26thRelease Halloween Update
  • Nov 10th – Fuck it! I start working on an expansion. (see more below)
  • Dec 4th – We have been in the Greenlight top 30 for 3 months now. We are currently #11.

Okay now that you are up to speed. The original idea was that we were going to release on Steam first for PC/Mac but I’m tired of waiting. We are going to launch with Desura and selling directly from our website as soon as we can (maybe this month.) I’m really upset it has taken this long and we have people who have pre-ordered the game that are probably quite upset they have to wait so long. Well me too. So I did something about it.

Since our greenlight page has gone up… one thing that lots of the PC crowd have been clamoring for is a justification for what will no doubt be a higher price. (We plan to sell the PC/Mac version for $5 (Scandalous.)) Well I just spent the entire month of November adding new shit to Organ Trail: Director’s Cut. There will be a big update on all the new features coming soon but a bunch of the ideas came from the failed Greenlight campaign. We sort of got lucky that we weren’t forced to do some of those features because now we have the luxury of choosing which ones make the most sense for the development time. Everyone benefits from this extra love put into the game because we’ve also added a few base improvements and a lot more bug fixes. If you follow our twitter you might have seen me tweet-complaining about some of the new stuff.

The PC/Mac version will hopefully be out this month through Desura and/or our website while we wait for this Greenlight thing to never happen. (Looks like we might be in Steam by mid Feb.)

The extra content will come free with the PC/Mac version and will be a $1.99 expansion pack for mobile. This way… the value is basically the same across all platforms. We plan to launch the mobile update early January (because the app store is basically shut down during the holidays.)

So there you have it. We hope we can make everyone happy with all this. If not… I think I’ll become a doctor or something.

Meanwhile… we have like 5 other games we’ve been prototyping. We would like to get one of them to the point where we can show it off by PAX East. Hopefully all this Organ Trail support doesn’t keep distracting us. Wish us luck.