So we’ve been getting reports from a few Android users that our game, Organ Trail: Director’s Cut, is refusing to launch.  Unfortunately (we have discovered) this is because Unity doesn’t support Intel powered Android devices, so we won’t be able to support those devices until they add support.  In addition Google Play for some reason doesn’t keep people running Intel powered devices from downloading your game even if you say that it doesn’t support Intel devices.

All of this adds up to: some customers were able to purchase our game, but are not able to play it and we’re very sorry about that.  The problem should be resolved for now by manually adding the following devices to the rejected list:

  • HTC Droid DNA
  • Intel SP-A20i
  • Intel Orange San Diego
  • Intel Xolo X900
  • Motorola XT890

The really annoying part with the Google Play setup is that the device list is sorted by manufacturer, the devices inside each manufacturer are not sorted alphabetically, and there is no way to sort by processor type.  Also when a new device comes out it’s automatically approved and we get no notifications that a device has been added to the list.  This means that every time an Intel device is added to the currently 1800 devices in the device list we won’t be notified and it will be automatically approved.  Also googling “Intel Atom Android Phones” is incredibly unhelpful and searching for tablets is even less so.  I’ve tried my best to find all the devices that are currently using Intel Atom chips, but it’s entirely possible that I’ve missed one or two so if you have one that’s not on this list please let us know right away so we can make sure other people don’t try to download it.

If you have one of the devices listed above and you’ve already purchased the game, please send in a request for a refund and we’ll get you refunded as soon as we can confirm your device type (and again we’re really sorry that we can’t support your device and that Google Play isn’t smart enough to figure that out without help).