So uh… oops. That wasn’t supposed to come out yet. We have a few bugs we wanted to fix.

Just… don’t enter an epitaph if you die. It might break things.

Otherwise… The expansion is now available for $2!

We are going to push 1.6.3 as fast as we can with a few fixes and that’s when we will update android. Bear with us here.

ver 1.6.2 Patch Notes
New Expansion Pack

  • Endless Mode! Featuring Loadouts and Modifiers.
  • Earn skulls as you play to earn more loadouts and Modifiers.
  • Combat Training
  • Physics based minigame
  • Over 40 new road events

Gameplay & Balance

  • Tutorial Skip
  • Suicide difficulty added
  • Combat slightly harder
  • Added ammo spawns during final mission
  • Pickup frequency changes based on difficulty
  • Rearranged some menus
  • Easy easier, hard harder
  • Rebalanced events based on difficulty
  • Added Achievements and Tombstones to main menu
  • Added ability to tweet your tombstone

Bug Fixes

  • Added save redundancy to help combat save file corruption
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes wiped some save data
  • Fixed 12 Achievements that were not tracking progress
  • Fixed a ton more Achievement bugs
  • Fixed issues with hostage combat happening when you are alone
  • Players cannot die the turn they become incapped
  • Can’t buy infinite car parts when the store runs out
  • Fixed an issue where horde sizes were incorrectly “large” most of the time
  • Fixed an issue where fat zombies did not count towards achievements
  • Fixed “time taken” variable not resetting… leading to lower scores after repeat playthroughs
  • Fixed a bug where music would stop playing after you stop at a tombstone
  • Fixed a road event giving resources instead of taking them
  • Fixed a bug where party members would report dying of diseases they no longer had
  • Fixed a bug where starting a new game would sometimes have you putting down the wrong person
  • Fixed not being able to find your own tombstone if you quit the game
  • Fixed a bug where you could repair your car past 100% in the autoshop
  • Credits updated