I’m glad to announce that as of June 18th the full version of Organ Trail: Director’s Cut went live on Ouya.


As for my thoughts on Ouya (as that is what everyone asks me about) I find that I want it to be the indie box. I want all the cool multiplayer indie games like Samurai Gunn or TowerFall on it. As of right now there are some issues with the store and discoverability but hey, you get that everywhere else and they are constantly updating the thing, so I’m hoping in the next year the quality games flow in. I guess part of the question is whether or not it’s worth it to develop a game for the Ouya. I say… ask me a again in few months when I have sales figures.

This is our first console release and it was a lot of work converting the mouse/touch interface to a controller. Lucky for us… someone else did it! Our long time friend Patrick from Fun Machine offered to help us port it and we gladly passed our horrible code over to them (and ran away laughing before they could give it back.) Here’s what Patrick had to say about releasing Organ Trail: Director’s Cut on the Ouya for us.

Porting Organ Trail to the Ouya was a no-brainer for Fun Machine. Take a game we like, made by people we like, using an engine we like… and make it work on a TV with dual-sticks, which we also like! We see the Ouya as an exciting new chapter in the ongoing saga of game development, and we hope it’s a democratizing catalyst for everyone in the industry, whether they’re making mobile, console or PC games! And if you’re not making games yet, why not?! It’s not that hard, we swear.

We couldn’t have gotten this port done without the support of Julie Uhrman, Bawb Mills, Piers Sutton and the rest of the Ouya team, and of course the folks that did the hard work on the port, Shay Pierce and Irvin Chavira here in Austin. But the biggest thanks go to Mike Block and Ryan Wiemeyer, those fine gentlemen that wear so many hats. Thanks for making a fun game, and thanks for letting Fun Machine be a part of your retro zombie romp!

We hope that you enjoy this new version of Organ Trail, and have as much fun playing it on your Ouya as we do!

It’s cool to see Organ Trail: Director’s Cut on a bigscreen TV, and now that we’ve got the code for controller support we might be looking at some other places to put this thing we’ve made….