On October 20th, Organ Trail Complete Edition Launches on PS4 and PS Vita (in the Americas, more coming up next), as well, the new Final Cut Expansion launches on Steam, iOS and Android. Expect more consoles next.

Organ Trail has been with us for 5 years now and it’s continued success across multiple platforms and now multiple expansions has kept The Men Who Wear Many Hats‘ doors open. As a celebration and to announce the new content in Organ Trail, we hired Imagos Films to make this amazing short film featuring our favorite unsung hero, Clements.

Organ Trail Complete Edition includes both the Endless and Final Cut Expansions.

When we set out to put Organ Trail on consoles, we decided that we wouldn’t just add controller support but that we were going to add every feature we and our fans ever wanted. We took down a list of all the features we never got to or that we thought we would be too difficult to add to the game and we added them! Not only that, we upgraded a lot of the core game with new art, new scenarios, balance tweaks and bug fixes.


Our biggest new feature is probably the co-op. How does it work? Well, we asked ourselves that for years as players kept asking for it but we couldn’t see how it would ever make sense. The idea we finally settled on came from a conversation I had with a friend who said he wished his children could pick up the controller and play with them, even if it was only during the scavenging bits. Now, during basically any combat scenario (and a few other hidden ones) a friend on the second controller can jump in and assist you. During scavenging, player 2 takes control of a dog that can stun zombies with a bark and grab supplies and bring them back to the player. During shootouts or fishing, player 2 takes the role of one of your party members helping you shoot bandits or catch extra food. Player 2 can even take the wheel if you don’t have the guts to put down an infected party member. There’s lots of fun stuff we added so I implore you to explore the game and find them for yourself.

Final Cut Expansion Features

  • Co-op! Drop in co-op play during any combat scenario
  • Choose-your-route on the road with twice as many cities
  • 5 unlockable cars
  • 10 unlockable characters
  • 3 new boss fights
  • 3 new zombie types
  • Radiation mechanic gives you a new way to die
  • Hit and Run driving job
  • Graveyard retrieval mission
  • Fishing
  • More and new bandit attacks
  • Secret endings
  • Double the story encounters
  • Double the road events

And here are the patch notes for the core game version 2.0:

Patch Notes


  • Fixed some combat collision issues
  • Fixed bug that would freeze the game (the one that would cause the screen to go black on the road)
  • Fixed like 1000 more bugs
  • Made 500 new bugs
  • Fixed 499 new bugs


  • Added variance to Title screen
  • Character select
  • Multiple save files
  • Controller support (Steam & console only)
  • New art all over the place
  • More satisfying to shoot bandits
  • New healing minigame when party members are incapped
  • New repair minigame to replace our old terrible RNG bullshit
  • Hilarious city name generator for Endless Mode
  • Fording is slightly cooler looking
  • New finale events

Final Cut Promo X