Greetings gentlefans.

I’m so excited to release The British are COMING! expansion!

If you’d like to support us, but are confounded that this huge update is free… Please, leave a positive review if you liked the game -or- gift a copy of the game to someone who could use more culture in their life. You can find the game storefront at and you can join our Discord full of like-minded gentlefolks here.

Version 2.0 New Features:

  • New third act story: Playthings of the Gods
  • New datable executive: Angel Fullbody
  • New datable executive: Cashious Villionaire
  • Two new buildings: the Tavern & Temple
  • New asset upgrades system
  • 30 unique rival traits makes your enemies deadlier than ever
  • New teamwork system with 60+ unlockable friendship stories
  • 100+ new outfits
  • 80+ new genstona parts
  • New lunch date activities
  • New business events
  • New burglar event?
  • 12 new even smuttier stories from the Smut Peddler
  • Secret Ending! Shhhh.
  • Secret Art (cover your eyes!)
  • 7 new music tracks